Video Remote Interpreting Services (VRI)

How does InterpretCloud video remote interpreting work?

Using secure cloud-based technology, InterpretCloud allows:

  • Meeting and event speakers in multiple locations to speak to attendees in their own languages.

  • Remote interpreters in multiple locations and AI translate the speakers’ words and content into many different languages for attendees.

  • Customers can hold meetings and events using any online platform (e.g., ZOOM, Webex, Google Meet and Skype.)

  • Customers, attendees, and interpreters receive the same level of customer and technical support as in on-site meetings.

InterpretCloud. The superior AI interpreting solution.

InterpretCloud combines professional remote AI interpreting services, expert interpreters, easy-to-use technology, and outstanding customer service to deliver an extraordinary multilingual video remote interpreting (VRI) experience anywhere, anytime, in any language.

Our service eliminates the challenges of on-site interpreting by:

  • allowing customers to hold meetings using any online meeting platform
  • empowering interpreters to provide the best video remote interpreting (VRI) services from anywhere
  • providing the same high quality for attendees that live video interpretation brings

InterpretCloud is the Perfect Solution for:

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InterpretCloud can support your on-site meetings and events through remote simultaneous video interpretation eliminating the often costly travel and accommodation for interpreters.

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Seamless HD quality video interpreting streaming will make your seminar or panel seamlessly accessible both on-site and online.

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InterpretCloud integrates seamlessly with any online conferencing platform. Get highquality video interpretation in multiple languages without having to spend on another platform.



Organize powerful multilingual events for your select audiences in any language. Anywhere. Anytime.



Productive multilingual meetings demand clear communication. InterpretCloud powers your team to execute effectively in any number of languages.

Schooling online


Make your class accessible globally, in any language, through InterpretCloud’s AI video interpreting solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

InterpretCloud leverages secure cloud-based technology to enable speakers and interpreters in multiple locations to communicate effectively with attendees in their preferred languages in any online meeting platform. Our AI technology also enhances the interpreting process by providing real-time language translation, improving accuracy, and speeding up communication, all while maintaining a human touch.

Absolutely! InterpretCloud eliminates the challenges of on-site interpreting by allowing customers to conduct meetings and events using any online platform. This provides a cost-effective solution and empowers interpreters to deliver the best remote interpreting services from any location. The result is a seamless multilingual video interpreting experience that maintains the high quality associated with live interpretation.

InterpretCloud is the perfect solution for small events and meetings, enabling assertive multilingual communication in any language, anytime, anywhere. Whether a small team meeting or an online course, our platform seamlessly integrates with any online conferencing platform, delivering high-quality video interpretation in multiple languages. InterpretCloud ensures clear communication and effective execution for small events and meetings in many languages.

InterpretCloud offers seamless HD-quality video interpreting streaming, making panels, seminars, and conferences accessible both on-site and online. Our platform can support large-scale events, providing a superior solution for conference media centers. With InterpretCloud, organizers can enhance the accessibility of their events, ensuring that the content is delivered in multiple languages without compromising quality.

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a video telecommunication service that utilizes equipment like web cameras or videophones to offer sign language or spoken language interpretation.